ADCT(Association of Digital Culture, Taiwan) is a not-for-profit organization in Taiwan, established by a group of ambitious and hot-blooded bloggers in 2007, whose goal was to bridge the digital gap between various social issues and groups.

Since then, ADCT has been actively involved in creating and amplifying voices of Taiwan’s digital natives, either through online tunnel or offline activities.

  • BoF-The largest blogger/web 2.0 gathering in Taiwan.
  • Chinese Blogger Award
  • Wikimania 2007
  • Politics 2.0 Forum
  • City Digital Forum

Besides all these successful events, ADCT initiates several projects in order to bridge “gaps”. Although digital earthquake creates gaps, we also believe that digital power can help cross them.

The first major bridging project is PunCar(2007~). We invite A-list bloggers living in cities to go to countryside. to teach online skills that are easy and essential, and to learn from villagers, farmers, senior citizens…More than 400 tours had been done around rural areas in Taiwan by PunCar team, and our effort won last year’s Prix Ars Electronica(honorary mention). In short, PunCar wishes to bridge the gap between city geeks and rural knowledge in Taiwan.

When Typhoon Morakot hit Taiwan in 2009, PunCar staff along with many volunteers immediately set up “Morakot Disaster Information Center” to help bridge the information gap between Rescue team, Governmental response centers, and worried public and netizens. After the disaster, ADCT established a research team on ICT and disaster relief which is now a part of APEC TEL project.  In Sep. 2011, ADCT start a new initiative called “Usaviah“, which means holy mountain and protector in Taiwanese indigenous Bunun language. Usaviah aims to collect and disseminate latest news and research on ICT and disaster relief, and hopes to become a stable citizen information hub when next disaster hits.

The second is Punch Party(2009~). It is the most vibrant and interesting sharing event in Taiwan. You can imagine it as a combination of TED and SXSW–in a miniature form. 17 parties had been held since 2009. Punch Party bridges ideas of designers, programmers, explorers, artists, bloggers…and has been inspiring HongKong bloggers and Shanghai bloggers to host their own local Punch Parties.

The third is PanSci(2010~), which is the first online media project of ADCT. Due to the vacuum of decent science news in Taiwan’s lousy mediasphere, ADCT decides to promote science blogging in Taiwan. We invite scientists and science students to write and translate science for the public. Now PanSci is the most popular online science media in Taiwan with more than 3000 like-minded science fans on FB.

The fourth one is D-Academy(2011~). We are now approaching local universities’ communication, journalism, information, and education departments. Our goal is to create a media that covers the digital side of the four fields(communication, journalism, information, and education). And we will also have plans for conferences and workshops.

As you can see, ADCT is pretty busy, but we do not mind getting even busier. So if you have good ideas about how to make this digital world a better world, please contact us freely.

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